BMW of Annapolis Drives Savings with Solar Project

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Fri, 06/18/2021 - 12:17pm
solar panels at BMW Annapolis


Quick Facts

  • 498 kW System Size
  • SunPower® & Helix® Roof System Type
  • $67,188 Estimated First Year Savings
  • $2.1 million Estimated 25-Year Savings

BMW of Annapolis, part of Group 1 Automotive, is one of an expanding number of auto dealerships exploring the benefits of solar to achieve sustainability goals and deliver predictable savings on operational expenses.

SunPower dealer Sunrise Solar designed and installed a SunPower® Helix® Roof system on three separate buildings at the dealership’s Annapolis location, featuring 1,510 solar panels mounted on dual-tilt racking.

The 498 kW solar project is expected to drive more than $2.1 million in electricity cost savings over the next 25 years.

A Strategic Investment in the Sun
Automotive dealerships are fast becoming an ideal location for solar. With high electricity needs, their typically flat rooftops provide a great site for commercial solar to help reduce utility bills and enhance the sustainability of their brands.

At BMW of Annapolis, solar was installed on three separate buildings to reduce operating expenses and provide predictable savings year over year.

Sunrise Solar, a SunPower dealer that builds solar for commercial, residential and agricultural customers across Maryland and Delaware, designed a solar project with a 498 kW system at the dealership using the SunPower Helix Roof solution. The dual-tilt system installed on three separate rooftops is ideal for optimizing energy production, generating an estimated 640,611 MWh of clean energy per year for the Maryland grid.

The system reduced costs in its first year of operation by more than $67,000. Leveraging Maryland SRECs and the federal Investment Tax Credit to offset the upfront costs, the dealership’s expansive system is predicted to pay for itself in approximately eight years and return an estimated $2.1 million over the next 25 years. More importantly, the system is expecetd to stop the inevitable rise in utility rates and virtually eliminate the dealership’s electricity bill.

Seamless and Sustainable
Installing the integrated SunPower Helix system was a seamless experience, with minimal business disruptions for the busy dealership – even one with
1,510 SunPower solar panels.

“We can tell Sunrise took pride in doing the job,” said Bob Hoffman, Facility Manager of BMW of Annapolis.

As Group 1 continues to explore solar within their portfolio of locations, BMW of Annapolis is a great example of how one company can drive innovation and sustainability at the same time.

“These projects are great examples of the cost savings and long-term benefits of solar.” Bob Hoffman, Facility Manager, SunPower

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