Feature: SunPower Solar Panels

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Tue, 03/12/2019 - 9:00am

Solar panels are a key component to installing a solar power system onto your home, business, or farm. The panels consist of intricate power cells used to harness the sun’s powerful rays and convert them into energy. Plus, many panels use hardware in order to mount them onto the ground or the roof of a home. 

The SunPower Equinox System is the only residential solar power system designed and built by one company.

The Equinox system offers the highest efficiency panels on the market, utilizes Smart Energy Software, and has been engineered so every component works together. 

The power cells on the SunPower Equinox System use technology to offer record efficiency and power production, plus undergo rigorous testing to withstand extreme weather events. These power cells and panels produce 70 percent more energy with fewer visible parts than other panels on the market today. 

Built-in micro-inverters are also used in order to optimize the power conversion process.

The Equinox system uses the recessed hardware designed by InvisiMount Hardware, in order to safely secure the panels and showcase them. Finally, the Equinox incorporates EnergyLink hardware and software so you can monitor the solar power system at your fingertips.

The hardware allows for “always on” connectivity so you can connect into the system in real-time.

From your smartphone or connected device, homeowners can get moment-by-moment insights and actively manage your home’s energy usage. The SunPower Equinox System comes with a 25-year warranty for homeowners to have peace of mind long after their solar power system has been installed. 

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