Online Solar Design Studio

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Sun, 03/29/2020 - 6:06am
Design Studio

Have you ever wondered how solar panels will fit with your property?  Thanks to the SunPower Design Studio, you can quickly get an idea of your optimized solar panel layout.

Virtual Design Assistance

With the SunPower Design Studio, you simply enter your address, and the system will use satellite images and a machine-learning algorithm to identify the best placement for solar panels. This gives you an initial idea of how you could maximize energy generation at your property, while also seeing your solar array’s visual impact.

Estimated Energy Savings

Another great feature of this tool is that it can help you see how much money solar will help you save. By providing your monthly electricity costs, the tool is able to forecast your yearly energy savings and offer product recommendations to better fit your usage requirements.

On-Site Consultation

As great as this virtual tool is, it still doesn’t replace an on-site consultation. After getting an idea of what type of solar array you’d need in the SunPower Design Studio, an on-site visit gives us a more efficient way to answer your questions. It also allows us to inspect your roof and other areas of your property so that we can give you an accurate quote and insights for installing a complete system.

While nothing beats an on-site consultation, the new Design Studio tool offers a great way to get an initial understanding of how solar power could benefit your home. Plug in your address so you can see for yourself!

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