Solar Doesn’t Have to be Ugly!

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Wed, 05/19/2021 - 8:00am
Solar Doesn’t Have to be Ugly!

The use of solar power has been around for a long time now. While the concept can be traced back as early as the 7th century B.C., solar panels as we know them entered the scene in the 1950’s. Thankfully, just as technology and design in general has changed considerably since the 1950’s, solar panel technology and design has evolved significantly as well.

Form Flattering

Just like some fashion is more flattering than others, when it comes to solar panels it is true that some are designed with curb appeal in mind more than others. From clunky utilitarian panels, to pipes and racks applied haphazardly all over the home, we have seen it all! Many homeowners have seen this too, and worry that installing solar will automatically decrease the attractiveness and resale value of their home. However, that doesn’t have to be the case! The SunPower panels that we work with are designed with a sleek look that can complement any architectural style.


Black is the New Green

SunPower panels have combined high efficiency technology with attention to aesthetic detail, resulting in an attractive all-black panel that blends well into design of the roof. Their low-profile InvisiMountÆ mounting system is completely hidden, leaving only the sleek black panels visible from the ground. Ugly inverters are eliminated with built-in microinverters hidden behind each panel. And the SunPower technology means less panels are necessary in order to reach your energy goals.


Quality Matters

When it comes to installing a solar power system for your home, farm or business, we believe in installing the best systems available. After all, every install we complete is an opportunity to demonstrate how well-designed solar power can become a viable energy source for the future. As solar technology and design continuously improve and increase in popularity, we are committed to offering you the best options available. Contact us today to learn more about what solar can do for you!

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