SunPower is Our Choice for Residential Solar

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Sun, 06/28/2020 - 8:00am
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Sunrise Solar is an authorized dealer for SunPower — and for good reason. We are big fans of their products, in large part because they simply work like they should. Reliable, efficient, and innovative, SunPower is constantly improving our industry, making them our top pick for residential installations.


Solar panel installations are meant to last for decades, and with SunPower, you can have confidence that will happen. Their panels are the most reliable that we’ve worked with. Better yet, their online design builder makes it easy to visualize their products on your property. All of this is backed by great customer service that you can depend on in the years to come.

Industry-Leading Warranty

As part of their emphasis on customer service, SunPower offers the best home warranty in the industry. Their 25-year “Complete Confidence” warranty covers repair and replacement work for the entire system at no extra cost. This even covers labor and shipping expenses, as well as rust damage. The whole-system focus also guarantees DC power output of 92 percent by year 25. Quite simply, a better product is guaranteed.


One exciting aspect of working with SunPower is that they’re always innovating. The SunPower Equinox is a great example of this dedication to exciting quality products. A minimalist design eliminates bulky utility boxes and hardware for a sleeker look. This is paired with efficient copper-based cells for superior energy production, allowing you to use less panels to power your home. It is also compatible with a backup energy storage system. It’s really the total package!

With consistently high-quality results, constant innovation, and superior customer service, we’re confident that you’ll love SunPower solar systems just as much as we do. Contact us today to learn about getting a system set up for your home.

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