Top 4 Myths About Solar Power

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Wed, 04/28/2021 - 8:00am
Top 4 Myths About Solar Power

Solar power is on the rise! Here are the facts on four solar power myths.


Myth 1 – Solar panels will damage my roof.

Like with many things, skilled installers can make all the difference when it comes to the integrity of your solar panel installation. With over 25 years of construction business experience, we are certified roofing experts with expertise in roof penetrations. A properly installed solar panel system should cause no damage to the infrastructure or exterior of your roof. In fact, solar panels can actually extend the life of your roof by shielding it from the elements.


Myth 2 – Solar panels will make it harder to sell my home.

Actually, as solar power is increasing in popularity, homes with solar panels have been shown to sell quicker and for more money than homes without them. This is especially true if you have documentation to show that the system was installed properly, warranty information and proof that you are saving money on your electricity bills.


Myth 3 – Solar panels require a lot of maintenance.

For the most part, nature will take care of cleaning your panels for you with rain or snowfall. If there is not sufficient rain to take care of the debris or dust, you don’t have to climb up on your roof to clean them. It is as simple as rinsing them down with a hose from the ground. You can also choose to hire a professional to clean them if your panels are not easily accessible.


Myth 4 – Solar panels can only work in the summer.

The SunPower systems we install are designed for maximum efficiency and are able to produce energy even in low light, such as cloud cover. While it is true that there is typically more sunshine during the summer months, colder temperatures do not deter energy production because solar energy is created by sunlight, not heat.

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