Why Trey Hill Decided to Go Solar

Rock Hall, Maryland

Solar power is the most popular, clean energy option for home and business owners.  If you own a farm, your benefits are substantial.  Federal incentives to run your farm operation by solar are putting money back in your pocket.

Our customer, Trey Hill, from Rock Hall, who is a farmer on the Eastern Shore of Maryland had Sunrise Solar install a 148.8 kw system to offset the operational costs of his farm and houses.  When deciding where the solar panels would be placed, Trey chose a location on his farm that was low lying and the least productive.  He also did a cost analysis of that portion of land and placing a solar system there was the most cost effection option.

Trey said that solar energy was a wise investment for his family farm for two reasons.  The first reason was for the environment.  The whole farm is trying to be more sustainable and more responsible in how their food is grown.  The second reason he went solar was financially.  The payback is really fast.  Trey received a huge tax credit which offset his income and savings in taxes.  He will see his money back in less than 5 years.

Farmers, like Hill, are able to take advantage of aggregate metering.  This is when a solar system can offset several meters.  Before aggregate metering, each electric meter had to have its own dedicated solar power system.  Now, you can build a single, centered solar power system and offset all your meters with that one system.  Meter aggregation is allowed for agricultural, non-profits and municipalities.

The investement in a solar power system allows farmers to receive an investment tax credit which is 30% of the solar system investement.  Also, for the most part, solar panels are maintenance free.  Sunrise Solar does routine maintenance checks at least once a year on your system to make sure everything is running properly.  Everything is also monitored online.  That way, if something does happen, the problem can be dealt with right away.  All of these factors were very important to Trey Hill when he decided to go with Sunrise Solar, Inc.  Hill says the whole experience with Sunrise Solar was "Hassel-Free".

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