"At each step of the project, Sunrise Solar was there."

Making a business decision is a process.  You want to be sure that the investment is the best use of the business’ funds.  In exploring solar as an alternative energy source for our farm, we did our research.  We requested information from several companies, analyzed proposals and spoke with other experts in the field.  Sunrise Solar proved to be the best solution for our farm based on cost and quality of product. 

Being mindful that “you get what you pay for”, we weren’t necessarily looking for the least expensive system.  We were impressed with the quality of the panels that were quoted in the proposal made by Sunrise Solar.  We spoke with other experts who reiterated that these panels were the best out on the market.  And this quality product came at a lower cost than other proposals; a win-win for sure!

At each step of the project, Sunrise Solar was there.  They were on site on our farm; they were available via email and telephone.  Questions were answered promptly and problems quickly resolved; always to our satisfaction and always to mutual benefit. 

To others who may be looking to implement a solar project for your farming operation, we would highly recommend Sunrise Solar.  You won’t be disappointed. 


Kevin and Vicki Miller

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"At each step of the project, Sunrise Solar was there."