Truly Grateful
"At each step of the project, Sunrise Solar was there."

Making a business decision is a process.  You want to be sure that the investment is the best use of the business’ funds.  In exploring solar as an alternative energy source for our farm, we did our research.  We requested information from several companies, analyzed proposals and spoke with other experts in the field.  Sunrise Solar proved to be the best solution for our farm based on cost and quality of product. 

Being mindful that “you get what you pay for”, we weren’t necessarily looking for the least expensive system.  We were impressed with the quality of the panels that were quoted in the proposal made by Sunrise Solar.  We spoke with other experts who reiterated that these panels were the best out on the market.  And this quality product came at a lower cost than other proposals; a win-win for sure!

At each step of the project, Sunrise Solar was there.  They were on site on our farm; they were available via email and telephone.  Questions were answered promptly and problems quickly resolved; always to our satisfaction and always to mutual benefit. 

To others who may be looking to implement a solar project for your farming operation, we would highly recommend Sunrise Solar.  You won’t be disappointed. 


Kevin and Vicki Miller

We couldn't be more pleased with how the system works

In the spring of 2016 we contacted Sunrise Solar to install a 56.5 kw solar system here at the farm. We couldn't be more pleased with how the system works. The quality of equipment and the workmanship was just what we were looking for as well as being completed in a timely manner. Service after the sale was great; they really strive to satisfy the customer."

-E. Taylor. Manager ANDELOT LLC

"We are very satisfied with our new solar system..."

I have nothing but positive comments about Sunrise Solar. I stopped in their office one afternoon and met Kendrick Tice. He treated me like I was his only client. Explaining the whole process and answering all my questions without rushing. He was very patient with us as we explored various placement options. Once we decided which was best for us, we signed the contract and paid the deposit. Dan Baugher took care of the construction and helping with the paperwork which would have been overwhelming without his help. Construction was completed quickly and cleanly. We are very satisfied with our new solar system and would highly recommend Sunrise Solar to anyone contemplating a new solar system. Thanks for a great job and a great local company. Sue and Doug West. 

-- West --
"we have free electricity"

When we decided to build our earth sheltered home solar panels were a part of the picture. A decision that we do not regret, for our electric bill is $12.00 per month, and that is because of distribution fees which are returned to us at the end of the year. So, essentially we have free electricity. I planned enough panels so that I could run my home based business. I run embroidery machines and a couple of computers and all of the electronics that goes with that type of business, and so I happily pay the electric bill each month.

Our previous home was without panels and the electric bill was between $300.00 and $400.00 each month, so this is a remarkable savings.


Beve Miller

-- Miller --
"world class service"

Sunrise Solar has shown us what world class service really means. From day one, Kendrick Tice shared step by step project information and always was available for questions.  The solar panels are top notch and we are thrilled with the Solaredge monitoring system that lets us see our production levels. Best of all - we haven't had an electric bill since installation.  We thank the Sunrise Solar team and Green energy rocks!

-- Modzelewski --
We are so happy we went with Sunrise Solar for our solar installation.

We are so happy we went with Sunrise Solar for our solar installation. Our solar was installed, up and running in March, 2016, and we have not had an electric bill since – only the $8.50/ month fee as required by the electric company! Dan and Tice were great to work with, as well as the others involved in the installation. Everyone was very professional, knowledgeable, and wonderful to work with - they are just plain good people who know their stuff. They answered all questions we had, and handled everything from the paperwork for the permits and the electric company, to the installation itself, and continually monitor the system to make sure all panels are working as they should. 


It has been well worth the investment, and we will recoup the money we put into it within about 8 years, just like paying off a mortgage, with one less bill to pay.  We highly recommend Sunrise Solar to anyone interested in a greener world and no electric bills!



-- Kathy --
Thank you Sunrise Solar for helping us do our part to "go green"!!

I was skeptical when my husband first started talking about solar & how much it could save us, but we moved ahead with the decision.  Our solar

system has been installed for about four months now & I must say I couldn't be happier!  From the salesman to the installation crew, everything

was handled very professionally with my many questions answered along the way.  The best part of this whole experience....seeing a credit on our 

electric bill & having extra money coming into our bank account from the SRECS.  Thank you Sunrise Solar for helping us do our part to "go green"!!



-- Crystal --
We are completely satisfied with the system and service of our local Sunrise Solar Team

Our purpose for investing in the Solar system was to cover the cost of our basic needs for the electrical use. Since the System turn up in Jan 2013 we have been pleased with the operation, it makes you aware of your electrical usage and weather/cloud conditions on a daily basis. Our electric cost now is basically the administrative fee of the Power Company and more so earning a quarterly check for the KWs produced. The Sunrise Solar Team has been very helpful from the beginning explaining the system, how it works, the installation and the permit process. You as a home or business owner can track your daily Household / Business and system output by means of the internet on an hour by hour or daily output as also on the System Inverter. Our Sunrise Solar Team continues to stay in touch to see if we have any questions or needs for the System.

-- DOUG --