Agricultural Solar Solutions

Your farm is a legacy. Its success has been your success. Purchasing solar goes a long way in solidifying your legacy and the part you play in passing the farm to the next generation.
Our services extend to agricultural properties covering all of Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.
In the spring of 2016 we contacted Sunrise Solar to install a 56.5 kw solar system here at the farm. We couldn't be more pleased with how the system works. The quality of equipment and the workmanship was just what we were looking for as well as being completed in a timely manner. Service after the sale was great; they really strive to satisfy the customer.
E. Taylor, Manager ANDELOT LLC
Making a business decision is a process. You want to be sure that the investment is the best use of the business’ funds. In exploring solar as an alternative energy source for our farm, we did our research. We requested information from several companies, analyzed proposals and spoke with other experts in the field. Sunrise Solar proved to be the best solution for our farm based on cost and quality of product.

Being mindful that “you get what you pay for”, we weren’t necessarily looking for the least expensive system. We were impressed with the quality of the panels that were quoted in the proposal made by Sunrise Solar. We spoke with other experts who reiterated that these panels were the best out on the market. And this quality product came at a lower cost than other proposals; a win-win for sure!

At each step of the project, Sunrise Solar was there. They were on site on our farm; they were available via email and telephone. Questions were answered promptly and problems quickly resolved; always to our satisfaction and always to mutual benefit.

To others who may be looking to implement a solar project for your farming operation, we would highly recommend Sunrise Solar. You won’t be disappointed.
Kevin and Vicki Miller
Our Process
STEP 1: Site Inspection

Our technicians and designers will visit the location to assess your property and its situation. The available area for your solar array will be carefully measured. If a roof mount system is desired, our in-house roofing experts will verify a sound roof. Shade will be measured using the Sun-Eye device. We will determine an average electricity usage by reviewing a minimum of one year's worth of electric bills. At this point a recommendation on the best system for your situation will be made.

STEP 2: Design

Using information gathered at the Site Inspection, our designers will craft a custom system unique to your site and needs. Residential systems typically require three days to develop while larger commercial or agricultural systems require up to two weeks for design.

STEP 3: Proposal and Agreement

At this stage the design will be presented and fully explained to you and down payment is required to move forward.

Step 4: Interconnection to Grid

We begin the process of contacting your current electricity provider to begin the interconnection to the grid. Building permits are also requested by us through local government.

Step 5: Installation

Our experienced installers begin the process of installing roof rigging or field preparation and panel installation.

Step 6: Inspection

County building inspectors are then contacted. This process is completed with a Sunrise Solar agent on site. You do not need to be present. Though if you are curious about the process, we welcome your attendance. Once inspections have passed, a new meter is installed, the system is registered with your power company and grant paperwork is completed.

Step 7: Saving Money

This is the fun part - receiving your electric bill either zeroed out or with significant savings.

PG Farms Case Study


A family farm in Salisbury, Maryland, wanted to reduce operational expenses by installing solar on their farm.


Sunrise Solar designed and installed a 235 kW ground mount photovoltaic (PV) system featuring 540 high-efficiency solar panels from SunPower.


The solar project is expected to offset all the electricity use at the farm, including the chicken house and the family’s residences. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of installing solar panels?

Sunrise Solar understands that purchasing a solar system or other green technology can require a significant amount of money. So we are here to help you make the right decisions financially for the right system. You should think of the products we offer as investments. Investments in your future and the future of your business. When researching an investment in renewable energy there are several long and short-term financial factors that should be considered:

  • 100% First year depreciation bonus
  • Reduce the amount of expenses of your utility bill
  • The solar panels essentially pay for themselves in a short amount of time
  • Significantly reduce your tax liability by receiving a 30% federal tax credit
  • You can have long-term financial savings
  • Increase the resale value of your home

If you're ready to save money and generate your own clean energy, call us today to schedule a free site evaluation. We can help you with financing and handle all the required rebate, permit, incentive, and inspection paperwork and processing.

What are the benefits of aggregate metering?

First, individuals can choose the best location on their property to place a solar energy generation system, unrestricted by meter location.

Second, this solar system can now offset multiple meters, not just one.  One system can now offset your irrigation, residences, shop, or other parts of your operation. 

Importantly, the solar generation system no longer needs to be at the meter site, which has long been a concern for growers worried about displacing valuable crops. The solar power system does need to be on the same or adjacent land as the meter(s), but that offers considerable flexibility to landowners and businesses.

Why do you use SunPower solar panels?

Smart Solar: The SunPower Advantage

Our primary goal at Sunrise Solar is to provide the highest quality product to our customers. SunPower allows us to do that with confidence. For over 20 years, SunPower has been a leading provider of clean solar energy across the globe. 

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