Can Solar Energy Power My Business?

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Fri, 11/22/2019 - 11:11am
Solar Panels for businesses

A growing number of businesses use solar energy to power their operations. The energy savings for businesses can mean substantial savings on the bottom line. 

How Businesses Can Benefit from Solar

Top companies like Apple, Target, Amazon, and Walmart have already made the switch to solar power for electricity generation. 

Traditional energy costs continue to rise, and businesses can save money on electricity when they invest in solar power. This savings can help companies pay off their initial investment in solar in 3-5 years—with the real savings kicking in with years of free electricity. 

Solar panel rebates also exist for commercial solar panel installations, along with federal tax credits, accelerated depreciation, and virtually maintenance-free energy. 

Start Saving with Solar

Geography is an important consideration when any business considers solar power. But any solar project can be viable, since the most important factor is utility rates and incentives. 

A business must also consider the space it has available for solar panels. Roof-mounted panels are extremely common (especially in denser areas) but can reduce the amount of electricity you are able to generate. Ground-mounted systems have the ability to generate much more power, but require storage solutions. 

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