Delmarva Power bills to rise 7 percent in Maryland - Go Solar Today

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Fri, 02/17/2017 - 2:06pm

Our Services

Site Inspection

Our technicians and designers will visit the location to assess your property and its situation. The available area for your solar array will be carefully measured. If a roof mount system is desired, our roofing experts will verify a sound roof. Shade will be measured using the Sun-Eye device. We will determine an average electricity usage by reviewing a minimum of one year's worth of electric bills. At this point a recommendation on the best system for your situation will be made.


Using information gathered at the Site Inspection, our designers will craft a custom system unique to your site and needs. Residential systems typically require three days to develop while larger commercial or agricultural systems require up to two weeks for design.

Proposal and Agreement

At this stage the design will be presented and fully explained to you and down payment is required to move forward.

Interconnection to Grid

We begin the process of contacting your current electricity provider to begin the interconnection to the grid. Building permits are also requested by us through local government.


Our Experienced installers begin the process of installing roof rigging or field preparation and panel installation.


County building inspectors are then contacted. This process is completed with a Sunrise Solar agent on site. You do not need to be present. Though if you are curious about the process, we welcome your attendance.

New Meter Installation

Once inspections have passed, a new meter is installed, the system is registered with your power company and grant paperwork is completed.

Saving Money

This is the fun part. In many cases home and business owners are able to go to their new meters and watch as it is moving backwards as their new solar array begins selling power back to the grid.

Services Areas

Service areas include commercial, residential and agricultural properties covering all of Maryland and Delaware.

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