Grid Free Solar System

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Thu, 09/08/2016 - 10:28am

Can you be grid independent? Yes you can! 

By utilizing the benifits of a 4kw solar system and a 1600 hr battery bank of 48 volts Sunrise Solar was able to design this grid free system.  

Our customer had the unique situation of being 1 mile from the road. The customer would have had incredible expense to trench or use poles to transmit power to his location. Sunrise Solar used Solar World 275 Protect modules to power the Outback battery back up system.  

The system is designed to power the home for 2 days without any recharging from the sun. If the situation calls for more power we have the Outback back up system tied to a generator to provide additional power. The system has been live for 6 months and the generator has not been called upon to provide any additional power.  

Do you want to be independent? Give us a call today and we will design a solar system to help you meet any challenges you may be facing.

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