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Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Thu, 10/18/2018 - 9:00am
roof solar panels

Making the switch to solar power for your farm, business, or home can be intimidating. But with Sunrise Solar you get the personal touch of a family owned company with extensive experience to lean on. 

Sunrise Solar is a locally owned company based in Chestertown, Maryland.

The company’s founders were taught to value quality, dependable workmanship and bring those traits to their customers on every project. 

Our company’s mission is to provide home and business owners the ability to choose their energy source.

We believe solar power is the most sustainable and clean energy source available.

The most important questions to ask pertain to your roof. It’s important when considering solar power to note which way your roof slants, whether it’s shaded, and the size of your roof. It’s also important to research any federal, state, or local incentives for solar power users. 

With 25 years of experience in the construction industry, the professionals at Sunrise Solar can help determine whether your roof is well-suited for solar panels.

Our team includes certified roofing experts and we provide warranties on both the installation and solar panels. But we can also assist you by investigating potentials tax credits for solar power, net metering in your area, or other regulations where you live. 

Let our team of professionals at Sunrise Solar help guide you through the conversion to solar power and harness the power of the sun!

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