Let the Sun Power Your Farm

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Fri, 11/02/2018 - 9:00am
farm solar

If you own and operate a family farm, then you understand that it is your legacy and what puts food on your table. Your farm will be passed down to the next generation. Sunrise Solar can help ensure that your legacy is secured well beyond that. 

With an investment into solar power, a family farm can take advantage of incentives to benefit both your farm and the environment. 

A combination of tax incentives (federal, state, and local) and tax credits for solar power can help you reduce your overall tax burden. For example, the Investment Tax Credit is a dollar-for-dollar credit that can help you recoup 30% of your investment in solar energy. 

Farms can also be a beneficiary of aggregate metering or net metering.

Depending on the location where your farm is located, you can use a meter that is reliant on solar power to help off-set other meters throughout your operation. One system can help you reduce (or eliminate) your energy costs at other meters at your residence, operating your irrigation, shop, or other meters across the farm. 

Finally, through our referral program you can earn money back for residential or commercial customers you recommend to us.

Once their project is completed, Sunrise Solar will cut you a check. 

In order to pass your family farm to your children and future generations, it needs to be a sustainable operation. Sunrise Solar and solar power can help ensure the farm stays in your family and provides a way of life you desire for them. 

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