Many US states realize the huge impact of helping their residence go solar.

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Fri, 09/09/2016 - 2:52pm

There are great incentives for people around the U.S. to utilize residential solar energy, such as reducing their energy bill each month and helping the environment, which are key factors in the solar movement. Some states provide more benefit than others and set ambitious goals to use more renewable energy, reduce their dependency in polluted oil, and create more solar jobs that boost their economy.

The best states to go solar in means that these states legislators have put together great green policies, and they have a high RPS (renewable energy portfolio) goal, which mean that they are serious in their intention to use more renewable energy in their respective states. These are clear indications of their intention to enable consumers to make the switch to solar. With solar incentives and attractive rebates and tax breaks, it makes sense for homeowners to hire solar panel installerfor their roofs.

Maryland is a state with a lot of natural environment to protect and maintain, and their legislature has taken efforts to make that happen. In fact, Maryland was one of the first states to implement incentives for using renewable energy. They have established an impressive RPS plan, with the goal for energy companies being 20% energy derived from renewable sources by 2022. The cost of electricity in the state is comparable to the national average and they offer a generous rebate of $1,000 for solar power systems. They have small tax credit offers and also 100% sales and property tax exemptions. We definitely recommend solar power installations in Maryland with the average time for the system to pay for itself resting at ten years.

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