Owning vs Leasing Solar Power

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Effective energy policies, economies of scale and new technologies have achieved something remarkable: 

Solar energy production is now at the scale and cost necessary so that it is affordable for everyone.

As prices drop and savings increase, it makes sense to invest in a solar power system rather than leasing one. The overall cost of purchasing a system now averages 50% less than leasing, with a payback period as low as three years. And with builders and developers offering standard solar systems in their new communities, the trend toward solar is expected to continue.

Even with many solar rebate programs administered by states and utilities evaporating or facing overhaul, the case for solar remains stronger than electric utilities in many areas where grid pricing rises 5% each year. The case for solar system installation is further backed by trends toward energy conservation, resulting in fewer solar panels needed and, subsequently, less installation cost for homeowners.

How deep is the energy conservation trend? A recent survey of 2,354 solar homeowners in the San Diego Gas & Electric territory revealed that 87% made a significant investment in energy conservation either before or after their solar system installation. This included replacing wasteful fixtures and appliances, improving wall insulation, weatherstripping windows and doors, and installing cool roofs. By matching conservation efforts with efficient solar systems, homeowners can look forward to a future of reduced energy costs, with builders vying for home buyer attention by ensuring these systems are already installed in their developments.

Article by: http://www.solarindustrymag.com/

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