Power Your Business With Solar!

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Sat, 09/29/2018 - 9:00am
installing solar panels

If you are a business owner, you are constantly concerned with mitigating risk, protecting against it, and ensuring you have enough cash flow to cover expenses. 

When you begin to weight the benefits of solar power for your business, it may seem like a risky venture. But investing in solar power is actually a move you should make immediately. 

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are making the switch to solar power after realizing the return on investment from solar can transform your business. 

According to EnergySage marketplace data, commercial solar installations can nearly eliminate your monthly energy bills. EnergySage said the average monthly energy bills for companies before they made the switch to solar power was $1,950. But once they switched to solar, those bills were dropped to $500 a month, or a 75 percent reduction in their monthly energy bills. 

With return on investments like that, it’s easy to see how quickly solar panels can pay for themselves.

In fact, EnergySage also gathered data showing that businesses typically pay off their solar panels in 3-7 years and can enjoy free (or nearly free) electricity for the life of their solar panel system, which is 25-35 years. 

And as the price of installing a commercial solar panel system has continued to drop, the price of electricity remains volatile to global markets. A solar panel system can remain as an excellent hedge against fluctuations in energy markets. By switching to solar for your business, you can regain control over an otherwise unpredictable aspect of doing business. 

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