Solar Panels and Your Home

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Fri, 01/25/2019 - 9:00am
solar power

Changing your energy supply from traditional electrical sources to solar power has several benefits. But before you decide to install solar panels on your home, there are questions you must ask yourself, and be prepared to ask of any solar companies. 

First, ask yourself if you have a roof that can support solar panels.

This means that you need to assess whether or not you have a favorable “solar window.” If your roof is covered in shade most of the year, you may not be able to justify the costs of installing panels. 

Besides asking if your roof gets enough sunlight, you should ensure your roof is structurally sound. Solar panels usually come with warranties of 20 years or more.

If your roof needs some work, it would be beneficial to address those concerns before installing solar panels. 

Also, make sure you have taken all of the necessary steps to trim your energy usage before considering solar energy. The amount of solar energy you need to produce from your system depends on how much energy you currently use. 

When you start working with a solar company, make sure they are trustworthy.

Ask to see their credentials up front. Also, make sure any contract spells out ownership issues, financing, and performance expectations. 

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