Solar Power Continues to Surge

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Thu, 05/28/2020 - 8:00am
Solar Power for Homes

Solar power is more popular than ever. Homes and businesses across the country are mounting solar panels to their roofs in an effort to take advantage of this alternative source of energy. Here’s a closer look at some of the primary factors behind this surge in popularity.

Renewable and Safe

The combined system of solar cells, an inverter and deep storage battery are a safe and reliable method of producing electricity for your home. These systems are especially great for the environment. Sunlight is a fully renewable energy source that doesn’t produce any polluting byproducts. This allows you to greatly reduce your home’s carbon footprint.


Improved technology has also helped make solar panels more affordable than ever. Faster payback periods (in part thanks to improved energy production) ensures that your system will pay for itself after just a few years. Tax credits are also available to offset the cost, but they are diminishing — schedule an installation sooner rather than later so you won’t miss out.

Low Maintenance Costs

With solar panels, you can have peace of mind. They last for decades and don’t require any maintenance to continue working efficiently. At most, they will need occasional cleaning. People love being able to get reliable energy from the sun without having to add to their household maintenance needs!

Thanks to lower prices, improved reliability, and an undeniable positive impact on the environment, it’s little wonder why solar panels are becoming so popular. If you are interested in installing a solar system for your own property, contact us today! We’ll help design and install a custom solution that maximizes your property’s power output.

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