Top 3 Ways to Reduce Energy Cost

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Sun, 12/20/2020 - 8:00am
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Even after making the switch to solar power, you should still look for ways to conserve energy at your business. This could allow you to store more energy in your solar battery system, or further reduce your reliance on the grid. Here are some top energy-saving tips to lower your business expenses.

Schedule an Energy Audit

As scary as the word “audit” may sound, an energy audit can be a really good thing for businesses. Many utility companies actually offer this service for free, in which technicians examine your property for issues that are reducing your energy efficiency. This can help you identify ways to lower your electric bill — whether it’s fixing a drafty window or improving the building’s insulation.

Turn Off Items That Aren’t in Use

Just about every business relies on computers. Even when not in use, monitors, printers, and other tech continues to consume energy. When not in use, shut these devices off entirely. Don’t forget about break room appliances, either. Microwaves and coffee makers are sometimes called “energy vampires” because they continue to consume electricity while they are plugged in. Plugging these items into a power strip and shutting it off at the end of the day will help you save.

Use Natural Light

Increasing natural light will help you reduce your lighting needs throughout the day. During the winter, letting in more natural light can also help rooms feel warmer. Better yet, natural light is a mood booster that will help employees feel happier and more energetic.

These tips are just a few of the many ways you can minimize how much energy you use each day at your businesses. By implementing these and other energy-saving practices, you’ll help the environment and your wallet.

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