What is Aggregate Metering?

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Fri, 08/31/2018 - 9:00am
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Solar power is one of the most popular clean energy sources today for both homeowners and businesses alike. And there is plenty of clean solar energy to go around, as the sun produces more than 1,500 times the amount of energy all of humanity uses every day.


But one major benefit of installing a solar panel system is the financial benefits that come with generating your own electricity through panels. Besides reducing your electric bill, some homeowners and business can eliminate their electric bills through a process called aggregate metering, or net metering. 


The process of aggregate metering entails any solar panel systems that generate more energy. That excess energy generated from your solar panel system can be returned to the electric grid. And this energy you send back to the power grid can provide you with credits any time you may need to tap into the grid later, such as during peak usage times.


In the case of solar for farms, utilizing net metering can be highly beneficial when considering a farm may have numerous meters across the property that require electricity. With a well-placed placed solar panel system, a farmer could generate enough energy to power all of their meters, and then some.


Through installing your own solar panel system, you too can benefit from aggregate metering and do your part towards building a more sustainable society.


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