What is sonnenBatterie?

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Tue, 06/12/2018 - 8:45am

Sunrise Solar is proud to offer the sonnenBatterie to a wide array of options for our customers.

The sonnenBatterie is one of the most economical battery banks on the market across the solar power industry. This is just another example of Sunrise Solar’s commitment to giving our customers access to the best options for their solar system.

The sonnenBatterie is a German-built product from Sonnen. Their new sonnenBatterie is an intelligent storage system that is designed to store excess solar energy. This system is then able to automatically adjust the electricity usage in your home to maximize your energy independence from the rest of the grid and increase the savings you can see on your energy bills.

This new solar battery from Sonnen can help reduce your grid usage by up to 75 percent when installed in combination with a solar PV system. It is compatible with both one and three phase homes.

The sonnenBatterie is designed for a minimum lifespan of 10,000 charging cycles, making it the longest-lasting residential battery banks on the market.

It is manufactured using a lithium iron phosphate battery to offer you greater longevity and safety compared to other lithium ion batteries. The sonnenBatterie therefore contains no toxic materials, since lithium iron phosphate is the only battery component that occurs naturally in the environment.

SonnenBatteries are guaranteed to last for at least 10 years, so you can enjoy a clean and safe source for your electricity for years to come. And with the new Sonnen App, you can check and monitor your energy usage or production on the go.

For more information on sonnenBatteries, contact us today to see how it can improve your solar system!

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