6 Benefits of Having Solar Panels

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Thu, 02/21/2019 - 9:00am

More homeowners every year are making the switch to solar energy in order to power their homes. Here are six benefits that are convincing homeowners that solar power is the way to go. 

Individuals and families who install solar panels on their homes can expect to see several different incentives to help defray the initial costs.

For starters, there is a federal tax credit which can reduce your tax liability. Many states also have incentives to help spur more investment into solar panels. 

Certain states even have what’s known as an SREC, or Solar Renewable Energy Credit. This is a specialized renewable energy certificate that exists in states which have specific mandates or goals for solar energy. SREC’s are bought and sold in an open market and are a currency of renewable energy. 

At Sunrise Solar we are an authorized dealer for SunPower solar panels which are considered the best available panels on the market today.

SunPower panels are able to produce more power on a smaller footprint, plus are durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. Coupled with the sonnenBatterie energy storage system, homeowners can now generate and use more solar power to keep their residential electric systems working when you need it most!

Finally, solar panels can help you earn more money.

By incorporating a solar panel system into your home you can help yourself lower your electric bills, or even zero them out entirely! Studies are also showing that homes with solar panels increase their overall value. A U.S. Department of Energy report showed that homes in California with solar panels installed on them increased in value by an average of $17,000. 

Our customers in Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware understand the power of solar and how easy we make it for homeowners to reap the benefits of the sun. Contact us today to get started with solar power. 

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