Designing a Solar Panel System

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Tue, 01/28/2020 - 8:00am
solar panel installation and design

When a family or business decides to make the switch to solar power, Sunrise Solar has a team of experts ready to assist in creating a unique system that meets your energy goals. 

Our Process

We understand that each customer is different with needs that vary from one another. Our team starts each project with a consultation to determine what your needs and goals are with solar today and into the future. From there we prefer on-site inspections in the design process in order to find the best possible locations for solar panels and any battery back-ups. 

We even have the ability to utilize Google Maps in order to show you how solar panels will look on your home or property. Our experts will even use these tools to identify potential issues ahead of time. Potential issues like solar panel placement or the distance to the battery back-up will be identified and mitigated before installation. 

Installation and Final Steps

Sunrise Solar has experience installing solar panel systems in a variety of homes and businesses. We also have experience installing solar power for farms.  We have a deep understanding of roof rigging, field preparation, and installing the panels themselves. 

But once your solar power system is up and running we won’t stop there. Our team will contact your power provider to interconnect your solar power system to the grid, work with county building inspectors, install your new meter, and assist with any grant or tax paperwork. 

We serve customers throughout Delaware and Maryland. Contact us today to get started designing a solar panel system built just for you!

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