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Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Thu, 01/09/2020 - 2:23pm
Solar Panels for homes in Maryland and Delaware

In today’s changing energy environment, several key factors have risen to the top of business owners’ minds and homeowners alike. When comparing the pros and cons of alternative energy solutions, solar power stands out as an economically viable option that can provide energy independence and is sustainable for the long-term. 

Solar Power for Residential Customers

Homeowners around the country are flocking towards solar energy for several reasons. First, a solar energy system can give families financial flexibility when it comes to powering their home. 

With solar energy, homeowners can realize significant reductions in their energy bills or in some cases their bills can vanish entirely. In certain parts of the country where net metering is allowed, homeowners can even sell excess electricity back onto the grid for credits. 

But residential customers can also enjoy tax incentives from installing solar energy systems, a boost to their home’s value, and help the environment with a sustainable power source. 

Solar Power for Commercial and Agricultural Customers

Businesses and farmers can also enjoy similar benefits from installing solar power systems. 

Besides helping increase cash flow, solar panels can reduce a business or farm’s tax liability and provide stable energy costs. Business entities and farms can take advantage of net metering or SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) as well as using depreciation to cover the costs of your system. 

Sunrise Solar can help businesses, farmers, and homeowners understand all of the ways solar power can benefit their bottom lines and plan for the future. Contact us today for help installing a solar power system, completing necessary paperwork, and taking control over your energy usage. 

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