How Solar Panels Can Benefit Your Business

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Thu, 03/19/2020 - 7:07am
Solar Panels for Businesses

Solar panels aren’t just for residential houses. As more business owners come to understand the benefits and ROI of solar energy, we’re finding ourselves taking on a greater number of commercial jobs. Here’s why solar is a good choice for your company.

Tangible Benefits

Business owners must always look at the bottom line when making decisions regarding their company. And a solar system delivers tangible benefits right away by helping cover your electricity bill. Depending on your power consumption, solar will reduce overhead by lowering or possibly even eliminating your electric bill. In light of ever-rising energy costs, this can greatly help your bottom line in the years to come.

Easy Installation

Many commercial and industrial facilities have flat roofs, which allows for fast and easy installation. Our installers simply install the panels over the top of the roof, with no need to perforate the membrane. This minimally invasive procedure allows for fast setup that only rarely interrupts business operations.

Tax Credits

If you’ve been considering getting solar for your business, the time to act is now! Barring any legislative changes, the solar investment tax credit (or ITC) will decline significantly in the coming years. Installing your system now will get you a much bigger tax savings than if you wait a few years.

It’s clear that for business owners, the sooner you act, the greater your return on investment will be. By taking advantage of tax credits and immediate savings on electricity expenses, you can make a positive impact on the environment and your bottom line.

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