Minimizing the Visual Impact of Solar Panels

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Mon, 03/09/2020 - 8:05am
Solar Panel Installation

While many people desire to take advantage of eco-friendly solar energy, some are worried about how a solar panel installation would impact their home’s curb appeal. At Sunrise Solar, our design team has helped customers throughout Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey install cost-cutting panels that also look great. Here’s how we get it done.

Less is More

Solar panels are becoming much more efficient than in the past. As a result, fewer arrays are typically needed to power a home. Even in harsh climates, families are able to generate whole-house power from a solar panel installation. Thanks to more efficient panels, you don’t need to install as large of an array on your roof to power your home, reducing the overall visual impact.

Design Keeping Up With Tech

Alongside improved efficiency, modern solar panels are designed to be more sleek, with a diminished profile. When we do our onsite visit, we can also review your roof space or explore options for mounting the panels on other structures or an unused part of your property. 

SunPower Dealer

Whether you’re ready to switch to solar now or want to wait a bit longer, you can trust the Sunrise Solar team to help you get great results with the latest in solar panel designs and tech. As an authorized SunPower dealer, we have access to the latest innovations to ensure you get the most efficient and visually appealing panels possible.

Solar technology is continuing to improve, and that means that solar panels have far less of an impact on your home’s appearance than in the past. With modern solar panel design, you can help the planet, save money, and keep your house looking great!

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