Putting Solar Power to Work for You

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Tue, 11/10/2020 - 8:00am
Sunrise Solar - Delaware and Maryland Solar

Here at Sunrise Solar, we work on residential, commercial, and agricultural solar projects. No matter how you hope to harness the incredible power of the sun, we can help it go to work for you!


Our residential solar panels are a great way to cut your household energy expenses. After an initial consultation and site inspection, our team will handle everything, including installation, inspection, new meter installation, and paperwork. We can install both rooftop and in-ground solar panels, based on your preferences and property conditions. These panels can be paired with a battery storage system so solar power is available at all times. 


Many businesses have large, flat roofs, providing the ideal location for a solar panel array. A solar panel installation will help you improve cash flow by decreasing monthly operational expenses for your business location. Businesses also enjoy significant tax credits for solar panel installations, further offsetting the cost of this installation.


Modern farms use more energy than most people would expect. Solar panels can help cover the electricity use at your farm, including the energy used to power equipment and residences. Large farm properties allow for larger solar panel installations, which in many cases, can completely zero out monthly energy expenses.

Regardless of the type of solar panel application you have planned, you can count on Sunrise Solar to provide a high-quality installation that reduces your dependence on the grid. Helping the environment and reducing your energy costs with a solar panel installation is within reach!

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