Solar Panels for Farms

Submitted by Sunrise Solar on Tue, 10/20/2020 - 8:00am
Solar Panel Installation

While solar panels on a home or business are now a common sight, many farmers are also turning to solar to provide power to parts or all of their operations. The increased use of agricultural technology (such as automated milking and realtime monitoring) means farm power needs have grown significantly. This is where solar can be a real game-changer.

Power a Specific Process

Farmers who are new to the idea of solar power often will set it up to power one specific process on their farm. This is a great way to test solar’s ROI before making a larger investment. For example, you might choose solar to power an electronic feeder or automated milking system. After seeing its effectiveness, you’ll soon want to power your whole farm with it!

Power the Whole Farm

Depending on the lay of your land and the ability to mount solar panels and battery storage on your property, your entire farm could ultimately be powered by solar. When determining the right configuration for your farm, our team looks at balancing power generation, storage, and return on investment. The end goal is to maximize power generation and lower your long-term costs.

Request a Site Inspection

If you’re interested in implementing solar power on your farm, the first step is to request a site inspection. During these custom consultations, our technicians assess your property to identify and measure the available area for a solar array. This includes shade measurement, a roofing inspection, and electricity usage evaluation to determine the best setup for your property.

Whether you want solar power for a specific farming process or to keep your whole farm running, you can count on Sunrise Solar to deliver a custom-tailored solution. By adapting to your property layout and farming needs, we’ll devise a solution that makes your farm more efficient than ever.

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